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Today is the last day to join me in a writing challenge. I’m going to focus on writing (as well as the holidays) for the last 2 weeks of 2023.

I need the focus, as I explained in the first post about this. It’s been a heck of a year, but the upside is that I discovered (once again) that writing was a haven and an escape from all the toughness. Now that things have gotten a smidge easier and it’s the holiday season, I could let that discovery fade into nothingness or I could challenge myself to return to my old writing habits.

I have learned over the years, though, that I need something to drive that focus—a deadline, a project, a challenge. I have a project, but it’s large and amorphous and not helpful. I’m going to add in some short fiction, which will help, but that doesn’t focus my attention as much as something, say a deadline, would.

This challenge has both a deadline (daily and the two weeks) and accountability. If I know that some of you have joined me and are also working hard, then I will do the same. That’s why we’re chargine $300 to join the challenge.

It’s a win-win for all of us. Everyone who joins will get a ($300) workshop of their choice. And then if they get more words than me (which is likely), they’ll get another $300 in credit.

Why are we doing it this way? Because a challenge with friends doesn’t work for me. I’ve proven that over the years. Besides, I know their work habits and, with the exception of Dean and one other friend, I already write more words than they do.

So this challenge will help me come out of a tough year. I hope it will help those of you who join as well. You can do so here:

Questions go to Dean at Dean dot wmgworkshops at gmail.

I’ll put the rules below along with another link. You have until tonight at midnight P.T. to sign up. Oh, and the picture of Cheeps? Just wanted to get your attention…and show you how he’ll spend his holiday. He loves staring at the lights on our trees. Apparently my mostly blind kitty can see those.

Here are the rules:

Sprint to the New Year with Kris

The challenge is to write as many consumable words from Monday, December 18th tthrough December 31st 2023 as Kris writes.

What are “consumable” words?

— Any fiction of any type (no requirement to publish during the challenge time)

— Any nonfiction that others will consume such as blogs, introductions to collections things like that.

You can NOT count emails and comments on Facebook and other social media or comments on blogs. They do NOT count.

No genre limitations.


1… Every day Kris will send a letter through the class email system to just those in the challenge talking about the words she wrote the previous day and her experience. There will be a running count on the class of Kris’s total words every few days.

She will not talk about the content of what she is writing. And neither should you.

2… The cost is $300.

(No credit from anything, I am afraid. Can’t buy in with credit to get more credit.)

3… If you do NOT write as many words as she does in the two weeks, you get $300 credit toward any online teaching, such as Pop-Up series or lectures or classics or lifetime workshops.

So in essence, you are buying at least $300 credit and getting the chance to watch Kris and see how you stack up against her writing output.

4… If you beat Kris’s word count at the end of the 14 day sprint, you get $600 in credit for anything on Teachable to be used at any point for anything in the future (except other challenges.)

Kris will report each day about her previous day’s writing through the email program in the Teachable class, but only to those in the challenge.

5… On January 1st you will report to Dean your word count in the 14 days to get your credit.

Kris is excited to do this. She usually doesn’t do challenges, but since the two of us are both coming out of a long fall, she thinks this two week one sprinting to the end of the year will be great fun.

This is a win/win/win challenge. Jump in, should be fun and get your writing fired up for the new year! And you get an up-close look at how Kris writes on a daily basis.

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