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As some of you know, I stopped doing the weekly business blog in part so that I could write more. I’ve been focusing on writing two projects at once, finishing the massive Fey project, and enjoying some projects that I have not had time to get to. One is a Kristine Grayson Santa novella, and as always, when I write those, my subconscious forces me to note that so many kids don’t get anything at the holiday season, from a solid home to a good meal.

Every year, I support a number of charities that bring toys to kids. This year, I decided to branch out a bit, though, and do a Storybundle that has a kid-focused holiday charity. I chose Toys for Tots because they operate in so many communities. You can find them everywhere, and they take donations year round.

I don’t have a Kristine Grayson story in this year’s Storybundle, because it focuses on short fiction, and my Grayson Santa stories tend to run at novella length. This bundle, however, includes a volume of my holiday short fiction. It also includes books I’ve edited, writers I’ve worked with on the Holiday Spectacular, and lots and lots and lots of great short fiction.

Not all of the stories here are Christmas stories. There are stories that will take you all the way to the New Year. Since everyone is so very busy at this time of year, I figured short fiction would be the best thing to treat yourself with. You can read something short while waiting in line or waiting for a batch of cookies to finish baking. Or just to cheer yourself up in the long dark days of midwinter.

So head over to Storybundle. Pick up the Good Cheer Bundle, and please, donate to Toys For Tots on your way out. Thanks!

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