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I had a spectacular week. I spent it in the company of fourteen very fine writers. They are all in the photo that accompanies this post, which was taken at the very end of the workshop. It was fun.

I teach advanced level craft workshops in person about three times per year. The writers who come already have sales. Some have been professionals, with long careers. Others are in the early stages of their careers. What unites them is that they’re all great writers.

I teach subgenres, mostly, showing folks how to combine different genres and still keep the readers engaged. This most recent workshop’s subgenre was science fiction mysteries. I had them write near-future sf mysteries for their first story (because those are easy…er) and two sf mysteries in a made-up world, which is much, much, much harder. Oh, my goodness! The worldbuilding was amazing, the mysteries intriguing, the stories so fun to read.

I’m tired, but invigorated, and ready to get back to my own sf mysteries…as soon as I finish this big Fey project I’m working on. (The day before the workshop I finished the fourth novel in a big arc…and no, you haven’t seen most of them yet. You will though. We’re working on publishing plans right now.)

I will be teaching one more in-person craft workshop in 2024. That’s listed below, along with the first craft workshop for 2025.

For the folks who can’t attend the in-person workshop, we offer a study-along. It’s not the same, but it has some of the same lectures, readings, and assignments. Descriptions below come from Dean’s blog.

Anyway, the info on the in-person workshops for 2024 and early 2025 (what a number!)

  • FANTASY DETECTIVES… May  6th through 9th…  Resorts World in Las Vegas.   Taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Cost is  $750 for the class. Must be paid to hold your spot. Limited to only 14  writers.
  • SPACE OPERA… January  13th through 16th, 2025…  Resorts World in Las Vegas.   Taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Cost is  $750 for the class. Must be paid to hold your spot. Limited to only 14  writers.

If you have never been to a WMG in-person workshop, contact me (Dean) directly with information about your writing and publishing. Contact him at dean dot wmgworkshops at g mail.

If you have been to one, contact Dean and he will get you how to pay the fee through Paypal and get your name on the list.

Both these craft workshops will fill very quickly. They are really fun.

(Study Along classes are also up for both.)


Reminder that it will happen at Resorts World in the middle of July  (dates not yet announced).  The cost is $900 to hold your spot and out  of the 40 spots, only 9 spots left. So don’t miss this one. Got a hunch  it will fill soon. Contact me on how to pay and to get on the list if  you have been to an in-person workshop before.

So three in-person workshops in Las Vegas. Two fun craft classes  taught by Kris and the Anthology Workshop returning for the first time  since 2020.

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