So The Question Is…

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…can Kris meet her deadlines over the next two days and manage to write all of the promotional posts she’d planned on? Stay tuned to find out!

Here’s the second post on the Hearts Collide Kickstarter. The first post looked at Volume One, which is full of romantic suspense. (The first post also tells you why I’m doing this.)

This post focuses on the second volume in the Hearts Collide collection. The second volume features what we chose to call “untraditional” romances. That means they don’t follow the Hallmark/Lifetime movie model exactly. There might be a meet-cute. There might be a happily ever after. Those two things might not be in every story. However, at the heart of the stories (see what I did there?), you’ll find a real romance. Lots and lots of love here.

This volume includes stories of mine that those of you who read my Free Fiction Monday stories might be familiar with including one of my favorites, “Without End,” and a science fiction Christmas story, “Loop.” You’ll also find a Kristine Grayson story here as well. So check it all out, along with the Kickstarter. I have a feeling you’ll find something to love. (Okay, did it again…)

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