There’s Something To Be Said For Tradition…

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…and I’m going to say it here. I love traditional romance. You know, the meet-cute in the beginning, the difficulties in the journey, the happily ever after (or happily for now) ending. I love that and I do write it a lot. I didn’t write a lot of traditional romance short stories, however, because up until indie publishing came along, there weren’t a lot of markets for that kind of story. Now, I write even more of these stories.

We collected my most traditional of traditional romances in Hearts Collide Vol. 3, along with stories from Dean Wesley Smith. In here, you’ll find stories that you haven’t seen yet unless you’ve subscribed to the Holiday Spectacular, stories like “The Room Where It Happened” and “The Baking Challenge.” But my very favorite here is “Snow Day,” just because.

You can get all of these stories and a bunch more besides in the Hearts Collide Kickstarter…which is in its last 45 hours or so. You’ll get the books and some extras. There’s also a lot of fun rewards and workshops and add-ons. So check it out!


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