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I don’t normally post in the middle of my night, but I’m trying to get in coverage of all five of the books in the Hearts Collide Kickstarter in a 24-hour period. I had planned to do this over a week, but a writing workshop (and sheer exhaustion afterwards) got in the way. So, I have to do this at the last minute. I started in my morning with 57 hours left in the Kickstarter, and then did two more posts, featuring volume 2 and volume 3.

You can go back and read those posts, and maybe they’ll inspire you to check out the Kickstarter. Or maybe, Volume 4, with its lovely cover, will inspire you to do so. Volume 4 is the inspiration for our subtitle: Strange Romance. These stories (half by me and half by Dean Wesley Smith) have romantic elements and are romances…more or less. But they all have sf or fantasy elements, and sometimes those sf or fantasy elements take over the story…making the romances…different. Or, in a word, strange.

I have favorites from my grouping in here as well. “Present” is a twist on a time loop, featuring a couple who are very much in love, even if their problem is (ahem) the amount of time it takes to–oh, never mind. Read it. “Track 61” is love on the run a.k.a. a fantasy thriller with romantic elements, and “Drinking Games” inspired an entire science fiction romance novel (under a pen name). There’s a lot more reading besides these, but you can start with these.

Some of you might’ve read these stories when they appeared in Free Fiction Monday, but a lot of them will be new to you. And then there are all the other books and stories and workshops and cool stuff that you can get in the rewards in the Kickstarter. Go check it out!

Oh, and I really didn’t write this in the middle of my night. Like any sensible planner, I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it six hours or so from the previous post. Because I like using tools from the early 2000s. I’m strange that way. ?


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