Ten Hours To Go…

Kristine Grayson Mysteries Romances Science Fiction Time Travel

…on the Hearts Collide Kickstarter. We hit three stretch goals so far, including a special stretch goal that includes an online writing workshop. Thank you, backers!!!!

We have a chance of hitting one more stretch goal, which would include one more writing workshop, if we get to 10K before the Kickstarter ends. There’s a slim chance of that, but there’s a chance!

Hearts Collide is a collection of five books with 100 stories, half from me and half from Dean Wesley Smith, all with romantic topics and themes. There’s romantic suspense here and romance and science fiction and fantasy…pretty much you name it. Scroll down on the home page and you’ll find a series of five posts about the Kickstarter, beginning with this one. If you back the Kickstarter, you’ll get these books in eformat (yes, paper is available) as well as three novels, two by Dean in his time travel romance series, and one from me called The Death of Davy Moss. Plus that workshop!

So scurry on over to the Hearts Collide Kickstarter. You won’t get these prices or these opportunities if you delay. Click here to go to the Kickstarter.

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