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Lots of weird little things to share and announce.

First, we’re making a number of changes at WMG and on the websites and such. One of the most visible is the Publishers Blog, which will become something a lot more…shall we say, interesting? Instead of a list of what we’re publishing each week, there will be surprises and much more. Here’s the first, and it contains a fun gift. Head over to see what we’re doing and to get your gift.

Second, we have three in-person workshops in the next year. Two of which I’m teaching and one is the Anthology Workshop, which is being brought back by popular demand. We only have a few slots left in the Anthology Workshop, which will happen at Resorts World here in Las Vegas in mid-July. We only have three slots left in my Space Opera workshop next January. There are a few more slots available in the May Fantasy Detective workshops. Both of those will be at Resorts World as well. I hope some of you decide to attend. Here’s the information on the in-person workshops.

We also offer study-alongs with the craft workshops that I teach. (That would be Space Opera and Fantasy Detectives in the next year.) You don’t get about 50% of what I’m teaching, since there’s a lot of in-person interaction, but you get the lectures and assignments. Click here for more information.

Third, we’re offering our Bite-Size Copyright class at half off. That’s 52 short lessons on copyright. Writers, what you do when you market your fiction is license it…unless you don’t know what you’re doing and sell it outright. So this helps you learn the ins and outs of copyright, and also how to continue studying this changing area all on your own. Here’s more information on that.

I’m hoping to have more information for you on my fiction soon, as well as a new Recommended Reading List. Last week, life kinda nailed me, but I’m digging out, and hope to have these things for you soon.

Oh, and this post has a picture of Cheeps on it, just because.

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