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My husband, Dean Wesley Smith is a master at that same kind of eerie and just off-kilter story that appears on the Twilight Zone. He wrote for several Twilight Zone properties back in the day, so he’s good at a TZ story.

But TZ inspired him from a young age. When he started writing, he took Stephen King’s advice to writers, to write what you’re afraid of. And weirdly, Dean’s afraid of suburbs. (I’m not kidding. You should be with him in a car when we accidentally find ourselves in one. He needs to leave…fast.)

So he combined a love of the TZ eerie with a fear of suburbs to come up with Bryant Street. He’s written stories about this suburb as long as I’ve known him, and now he’s collecting them into books. As we’re doing at WMG with our new books, he’s offering those books first in a Kickstarter, along with some great rewards for readers and writers. (He also has a starter kit for his works, if you’ve never read Dean’s stuff before.)

The Kickstarter has just gone live, and it’s a short one–only 10 days. So hurry on over and see what I’m talking about.

Oh, and if you want to sample a free Bryant Street story to see if you would like them, click here.

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