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We started a Kickstarter on Tuesday of six of my standalone science fiction novellas. As I mentioned in the first post here on the site, I was a bit stunned to realize how long it had been since we did any discoverability work on any of these novellas. That includes letting you all know what the novellas are about. I promised I would write about them here, one per day. Since there are only six days left in this Kickstarter, I realized this afternoon that I’d better get these posts underway.

We’re going to start with a personal favorite of mine: The Tower.

I’m a history nut and a crime fiction nut. A million stories have been written—and maybe a million more discussed—about ways to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. I know I first contemplated that very thing as I stared at those jewels when I visited the Tower of London the first time while in high school.

The idea never left me. Many years later, I was reading about the Tower shortly after I had broken my left elbow. The time travel element came to me in the middle of that ordeal, because who doesn’t want to go back through time and redo a moment that caused physical pain? I tried to write this novella longhand because I couldn’t type and, well, writing longhand for a person who has been typing since she was eight was a nearly impossible task.

So, this story got to percolate a little longer. And percolate it did, until one day after yet another visit to the Tower, I figured out how this very thing might get done. I wrote the novella quickly, and yes, yes, I know, there’s the germ of a novel here. Maybe I’ll write that too.

The Tower is but one of the novellas you’ll get if you back this Kickstarter at $25 or above. You’ll also get (at the time of this writing) three novelettes and a writing workshop, because we hit our first three stretch goals. Also at the time of this writing, we’re doing a short-term stretch goal. If we hit 170 backers by Monday night, every backer at the $25 and above level will get another novelette and yet another writing workshop. Take a peek at the Kickstarter for all the details.


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