A September Explosion in New York City…

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…no. Not that one, the one we all remember.

This one happened about 100 years ago, in the financial district…in the tallest building at the time.

I have no idea how I came across this little tidbit, but of course, it attracted my writerly brain, and of course, I had to write about it.

September at Wall and Broad is a time travel story that features the explosion, yes, but also focuses on a problem in the time travel of the future. What happens when a time agent does not return? Do you send more agents after that person to figure out what happened, particularly if nothing shows up in the timeline? Or do you accept the loss and move on?

I have vivid memories of writing this story…or rather, researching it, since a lot of what happened on that sunny (yes, sunny) September day feels not only familiar but prescient. I think writing the story exorcised some ghosts for me.

You can get September at Wall and Broad as one of the six science fiction novellas in our current Kickstarter. For $25, you will get all six novellas in ebook, as well as four different sf novelettes of mine—maybe more if we hit another stretch goal in the Kickstarter’s last 3 days. You’ll also get two writing workshops for yourself or to share with friends.

I promised I’d blog about the novellas. This is the third blog. If you missed the previous two, then go here and here. I will post the remaining three updates as the clock ticks down.


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