The Art of the Novella

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As we get closer and closer to April, I get more and more excited about novellas. Dean and I are teaching a year-long series called The Art of The Novella. As many of you already know, I love this length and write in a lot. Different genres have different tropes and expectations for the novella, so we’ve divided the classes into genre. The first is science fiction, and it starts next week. We’re patterning this on my in-person classes, not on the online classes we run on Teachable. At the end, the students will write a novella and if they make the deadline, I will read it.

We only have one spot left in the science fiction class, and the fantasy class is filling up quickly. The other two classes still have a handful of spots.

If you want the sf class, though, now is the time to sign up, because once it starts, you can’t join us.

Here’s the link to more information and how to sign up.

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