Finally! A New Fey Novel!

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I’m so excited about this. WMG is finally going to publish the next book in the Qavnerian Protectorate Saga, which is a sub-series of the Fey. We waited two years to publish this book, Barkson’s Journey, because we needed maps. We tested so many different ways of doing the maps, and none of them worked. But we finally have one, and it’ll go into the book, which is going to be lovely.

We’re launching the book with a Kickstarter, which is what we do these days. So those of you who love the Fey can get the book early. (Actual release will be in the late summer.) If you click here right now, you will be reminded when the Kickstarter goes live…which is on Tuesday.

I have completed two other books in the series and am nearly done with yet another. I think there’s one more after that, but since this started with a novella, I can’t even trust myself on how many books it’ll take to complete this saga. I’m having a lot of fun writing it and learning about the continent of Dorovich, which the Fey tried to capture once centuries ago, and failed.

Now I know why.

Barkson won’t tell you why, but the later books will. Barkson is a literal race against time. I had fun writing it. I suspect you’ll have fun reading it.

Or, at least, I hope you will!

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