Writers! This One’s For You

New Releases On Writing

We have so much going on right now at WMG that I’ve forgotten to remind you all about the Write Stuff Storybundle. Nine ebooks on writing, craft, business, and success, as well as a pop-up writing workshop which is worth $150 all by itself. You can get everything for as little as $25 and toss in a few bucks to support the Able Gamers charity.

The writers I share the bundle with are Anthea L. Sharp, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Douglas Smith, Dean Wesley Smith, J. Daniel Sawyer, B.A. Paul, Dayle A. Dermatis, and Tracey Cooper-Posey. Dean, Doug, and Mark all provided books that you can only get in the bundle.

So what are you waiting for? The bundle will continue for about one more week…and then it’s gone forever. Get yours now.

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