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The picture above is of my cat Angel, who, when she challenges us to play, sometimes looks vaguely nuts. That’s how I’m feeling right now. It’s been a heck of a few months, and I realized on Sunday that I simply did not have the focus to spend long sessions writing and thinking about story.

I know how to fix that. Spend time writing and thinking about story.

But I’ve had some other challenges these past (seven) months, and trained myself to focus outward. Now I need to retrain and focus inward. I would like some help doing so.

In late December and January, two challenges made me concentrate on something that used to be as natural as breathing—putting writing first. February was easy. March…um…and April…OMG! April…

Now I’m ready to focus again, and it would be grand if I had an outside reason to negate the other outside reasons to do other things.

Hence the challenge.

I’m going to repost Dean’s blog on this from a few nights ago, when I suggested it to him. The challenge starts tomorrow, but you have until Friday to sign up…if you want to join me. (I hope you do!)

Spring Restart Writing Challenge with Kris

The challenge is to write as many consumable words from Wednesday, May 1st through Friday, May 31st 2024 as Kris writes. The goal is to get writing and focused on the writing for the month of May no matter what has happened in the previous months of the year.

The challenge is on WMGTeachable.

What are “consumable” words?

— Any fiction of any type (no requirement to publish during the challenge time)

— Any nonfiction that others will consume such as blogs, introductions to collections things like that.

You can NOT count emails and comments on Facebook and other social media or comments on blogs. They do NOT count.

No genre limitations.


1… Every day Kris will send a letter through the class email system to just those in the challenge talking about the words she wrote the previous day and her experience. There will be a running count on the class of Kris’s total words every few days. At times Dean will do a video updating everyone as well, but it is the daily letters from Kris that are the best parts.

She will not talk about the content of what she is writing. And neither should you.

2… The cost is $300. You must sign up by Friday, May 3rd.

(No credit from anything, I am afraid. Can’t buy in with credit to get more credit. But the half-price sale is going on right now.)

3… If you do NOT write as many words as she does in the two weeks, you get $300 credit toward any online teaching, such as Pop-Up series or lectures or classics or lifetime workshops.

So in essence, you are buying at least $300 credit and getting the chance to watch Kris and see how you stack up against her writing output.

4… If you beat Kris’s word count at the end of the month, you get $600 in credit for anything on Teachable to be used at any point for anything in the future (except other challenges.)

Again, Kris will report each day about her previous day’s writing through the email program in the Teachable class, but only to those in the challenge.

5… On June 1st you will report to Dean your word count in May to get your credit.

Kris is excited to do this. She had a bumpy last few months and really needs the focus to get back on her writing.

This is a win/win/win challenge. Jump in, should be fun and get your writing fired up for the spring! And you get an up-close look at how Kris writes on a daily basis, including how she deals with scheduled events like the Licensing Expo later in May.

Lifetime Everything Subscribers, if you would like to jump into the challenge to follow along, write Dean and he will send you a code.

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