WMG Workshop Sale—Final Two Days!

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I don’t think I’ve let you all know that all of our online workshops on the WMG Teachable site are 50% off right now. That sale will last until late Wednesday night.

If you go to WMG’s Teachable page, you’ll find all kinds of workshops and opportunities. Add FeySale at checkout, and you’ll get each workshop for 50% off.

Don’t know what to take? Dean did an entire series of posts about the kinds of classes available. Click here, and then scroll through his website to find all the different posts.

Also, the opportunity that I’m the most excited about is this: You can attend (virtually) the Licensing Expo later in this month with me and Dean. We will be taking videos of our tour of licensing, our discussions and things we learn. The videos will go up in real time during the event. Learn more here. And yes, this is also 50% until Wednesday night.

The reason we’re having the sale is the same reason we usually do. We’ve opened a lovely new online store, this one for the Fey. Take a look. This store is going to grow exponentially this year, so join us on the ground floor…

Lots more news soon!

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