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We’re doing a number of fun things this summer. One of those things begins this weekend.

We’ve revived our Anthology Workshop, which is an in-person workshop. It’s very advanced, and it takes a lot of work and fortitude for a writer to be accepted into it. This year’s Anthology Workshop is closed. But we’ve been trying to figure out how to bring in new writers, slowly and with some training.

With that in mind, we’ve opened the Prepare Ahead class (designed for the writers who are coming) to writers who are not going to attend. You’ll get to learn about the various subgenres, and write to the guidelines. The first class starts on Sunday at midnight.

Here’s the promotion material:

Welcome to the Prepare Ahead class in conjunction with the 2024 Anthology Workshop being held in Las Vegas, Nevada the first week of August.

As each of the six anthologies for this year come up, the writers attending the Anthology Workshop in person will get these classes for free to help them understand better what the editor is looking for.

This year, for the first time, we are opening up these to anyone interested in writing for the anthologies.

The classes will include a short Zoom interview with each editor about what they are looking for and not looking for in their anthology. Then there will be 10 or more videos about the genre and the subject and how to write for it.

The stories must be written in the same timeframe as those who are attending with the exact same deadline and word counts. The editors of each anthology will give you comments by email after the workshop, or possibly buy your story for their book.

These will all be WMG books. Details will be posted.

There are six anthologies, one story per week. As those in the in-person class, you can try to write for all six or just pick and choose. But those in class will be attempting to write all six.

We hope you join us. It will be great fun, even if you can’t make it to Vegas for the Anthology Workshop.

Here’s the link: https://wmgwriterstore.com/collections/anthology-2024-prepare-ahead-classes

If you want to sign up for all of them, then you need to do so in the next two days, because the first anthology goes live on Sunday night.

If you only want to sign up for one or two, you can do so in the next few weeks. Realize, though, that you might miss the genre that you’re interested in.

Again, here’s the link: https://wmgwriterstore.com/collections/anthology-2024-prepare-ahead-classes

This is going to be a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to it. I hope you join us!



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