Writers! Help Me Hit My Writing Goals This Summer!

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As some of you know, WMG suffered quite the business crisis this spring. Suffice to say that it was startling and angry-making. The upshot, though, is that the company is healthier than ever before…and I need to be the one in charge for a while.

That would get in the way of my writing, if I wasn’t the most stubborn writer on the planet. However, the way that I’m guaranteeing that I write is running a challenge with other writers to see if they can write as much as I do this summer. This focuses me and gets me to write first no matter what else is going on.

If you’re a writer…or know one...here’s a link to the challenge, with explanations. Read all the way through. Chances are, this summer, you’ll be able to beat my numbers. But let’s try together, shall we?

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