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Fantasy New Releases On Writing Romances

Oh, my goodness, I’ve had fun with videos this spring. Once again, I’m the one doing the videos for WMG Publishing, Inc., a fact that makes me very happy. Our videos lacked voice for the past several years. (I’ll share an example of that later in the week.) I did the video for the Ghost of a Chance Kickstarter, which you can see if you click here. I also did this fun little rebranding video, which shows writers (and the rest of you) how important branding is to book buying.

The point of the Ghost of a Chance Kickstarter was to put the proper branding (covers etc) on the Ghost of a Chance books. We had gone through several branding attempts, and none of them worked. (Watch the video.) Now we’re all happy with the new look. These are Dean’s novels, and they’re fantasy romance or, as the new subgenre is called, romantasy. If you like romance with your fantasy or fantasy with your romance (or peanut butter with your chocolate…wait! Wrong ad!) click here.

One of the Kickstarter rewards is a class on finding your perfect reader, which is what the above video is about. That’s just one illustration on how to find a reader for your work. That online class will only be available in the Kickstarter. And… with every reward, you’ll get the five Ghost of a Chance novels, which are a lot of fun and well worth reading.

So…that’s one bit of learning. Here’s another.

As many of you know, we’re doing Prepare Ahead classes to accompany our in-person Anthology workshop in August. We’re going for some major subgenres this year, which can be hard to write for if you don’t understand them. We just finished up Military SF, and now we’re moving to a favorite of mine, Fantasy Regency.

Anthea Sharp will be editing this volume and she has a lot of insights on how to write fantasy Regency. Yes, there are rules. But those rules aren’t as strict as they’d be if you were trying to write the Regency that fits into the romance genre.

We’ve opened up the Prepare Ahead classes to everyone. If you want to learn this subgenre, and actually write for Anthea, then join this workshop. If you join today, you get a full week to learn this material. If you join later in the week, well, then…you only have until next Sunday.

I’m writing a story for this one too. It’s not my usual writing genre, but it is one that I read a lot. So I’ll be learning alongside you. Click here to join the online class.

And finally, our next Art of the Novella class is about to start. This one is also fantasy. You will learn how to write a fantasy novella which is, believe me, a heck of a trick. You have to keep readers engaged at the longer length, but you can’t commit 100K novel or even a novel series. And if your novella is in a series, well then, there’s a trick to that too.

Join us to learn all the tricks and to have fun doing it. At the end of the class, you’ll be writing a novella which I will read and comment on.

Here’s the link for that.

So…lots of learning this week (plus a fun video and some good reading).

Oh, and PS, if you want some insight into the above video, head over to my Patreon page. I have a couple of posts on the differences between this video and the actual Kickstarter video…and why those differences exist.

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