You Got Fantasy In My Steampunk. No, You Got Steampunk in My Fantasy. Wait! Yum…

Fantasy Fey Fiction River Steampunk

…you know what I mean. (That Reese’s ad has a lot to answer for. Just sayin’)

Anyway. I curated a Storybundle that features Fantasy and Steampunk together, for the second time. (We did one last year.) It’s in honor of my Qavnerian Protectorate series, which is a side series of the Fey. I have an exclusive book in this bundle: The ebook for Barkson’s Journey, which is in the series, but does standalone. (You can start here, in other words.)

This is a great way to get the book early, because you’ll get it with nine other ebooks. And those ebooks will really augment your summer reading list. You’ll find steampunk from favorites like Gail Carriger, Colleen Gleason, and Christine Pope, as well as books from new favorites like Kari Kilgore and Michael Warren Lucas. There are also short stories, in three different volumes. A collection from J. Daniel Sawyer, and two different anthologies. The first from Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier takes steampunk to a whole new level (adding aliens!) and then our own Fiction River steampunk volume with more of your favorite authors.

We are also giving you the opportunity to support one of my favorite charities, Girls on the Run. It helps young girls all over the country gain confidence in their bodies. Girls on the Run trains girls from grades three to eight to run, yes, but also to believe in themselves. I like to think that it teaches girls how to be like the heroines in their favorite books. If you want to see what they do, click here.

And if you want the Storybundle (and I hope you do!) please click here. You have a little over a week to get this great deal.


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