Free Fiction Monday: Skylight

Abandoned by everyone she knows, Skye strikes a bargain with the Assassins Guild at the tender age of 14 to work off her education. But in the years that follow, her training proves she must escape an assassin’s life. After failing one final test, she learns her fate—a fate no one can see coming. This story marks the origin of Skye, the heroine of A Spy […]

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A Spy To Die For

The next book in the Assassins series, A Spy To Die For, comes out today! You’ll be able to find it in your favorite bookstore or in your favorite e-bookstore. I’ve linked to Amazon here for convenience. The reviews have been marvelous. “DeLake takes readers on a hair-raising and enjoyable journey with engaging characters and tight, smart plotting.” —Publishers Weekly “Inventive and charmingly funny, DeLake’s second […]

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