Free Fiction Monday: Blood Trail

Detective Zack Wheldon solves cases. The tough cases no one else figures out. So, when the FBI comes seeking his help, he must decide which to choose: the serial killer he desperately wants to catch or the as-yet-unknown cases that will grow cold in his absence. The FBI promises big things, more closed cases, more criminals behind bars. If he can trust the feds. If […]

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Thank you! And…Wait Until You See This!

First! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the backers for the Diving Kickstarter! We hit our goal and stretch goals, and now readers will get to see Ivory Trees well before the official publication date. I’m so grateful to everyone who backed us. Thank you! And now, we’ve debuted a Diving store. It’s for all of the Diving books, merchandise (including items […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Killer Advice

Vaadum: the kind of place where vacationers go by accident. When a spaceship arrives at a Vaadum Resort and Casino on fire, with some passengers already dead, the survivors seek refuge. But when someone starts picking them off, too, the crew must catch the killer before no survivors remain. Chosen as one of the best novellas of the year by the readers of Asimov’s Science […]

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Want to get the new Diving novel early? Here’s your chance.

The next Diving novel takes us back a little bit in time, because I needed to learn a bit about the various cultures I was writing about. So Ivory Trees looks at some shenanigans in the Empire as well as explains some things that were deliberately left blank in the regular Diving novels. Before you Diving fans ask, yes, I’m getting to Boss & Coop. […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Stealth

Stealth tech: a lost science everyone wants to reclaim. The woman who helped Boss dive the Dignity Vessel, known then as Squishy, claims a long and storied history with stealth tech. Her research into the lost science caused deaths before, and she failed to prevent them during that fateful dive. Now, she vows to find a way to destroy the technology once and for all. […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Watching the Music Dance

Suze loves her music. She hides in it when her parents fight. But when the fights end in divorce, the divorce brings an end to the music—obtained illegally by Suze’s mother. Now Nils, Suze’s father, must quickly find a way to save his daughter’s music—and her sanity—without breaking the law. “Watching the Music Dance,” by international bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Fast Cars

The four musketeers plus one they call themselves: Johnny, Craig, Dale, Rennie and Carren. They want to make something of themselves, do great things after high school. So, they devise an experiment to guarantee their lives will amount to something. And that experiment changes their futures—but not in the ways any of them expects. A Nebula Award-nominated story about dreaming of a future and looking […]

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Free Fiction Monday: June Sixteenth at Anna’s

Leta’s death leaves her husband Mac with his memories and one famous holorecording. On June 16, 2001, Leta ate at a restaurant called Anna’s, and a time travel recording made of that day later became a sensation. Leta collected all of the versions of that recording, but Mac has never seen it. Until now. Called “hauntingly sad” by the Sacramento Book Review, and chosen as […]

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New Book!

This week, WMG Publishing officially published The Court-Martial of the Renegat Renegades. And…this week…Asimov’s announced the winners of its Readers Choice Awards. The Court-Martial won in the Best Novel/Novella category! This novel stands alone, so it’s a great entry point into the sprawling series, but there are a lot of Easter eggs for Diving fans. Get your copy today from your favorite bookseller or buy the ebook direct […]

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Free Fiction Monday: The City’s Edge

To cope with his wife’s death, Petras must come to terms with the reality of it. He needs to see her body, visit the place where she died…understand why she died. But the closer Petras gets to the place Hedie died, the more questions he faces—questions that might destabilize everything Petras thinks he knows. “The City’s Edge” by Hugo Award-winning author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is […]

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