In Which President Obama Has a Small But Important Role in my week

Yes, I’m still traveling.  Yes, I should be home.  Yes, I do not talk about politics on my blog (note to commenters!) and I will not discuss them here. But President Obama had a major impact on my day yesterday.  Because of him, I am sitting at a gate in Philadelphia, sharing an electrical outlet with a nice man who moved some chairs to find […]

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In Which I Learn Fascinating Some Things About German SF

Elstercon started last night, and was enjoyable from the start. This convention, which is small, limits attendance to 200 people.  That means the folks who come are very, very, very interested in sf. The con is held in the Haus de Buches, a lovely building that’s a conference center.  On the wall behind reception is made of books literally spray-painted gold.  It’s quite an effect. […]

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Transition Day

The wonderful room (suite, actually) that the convention has provided is cooling off with the afternoon breeze.  I came in after a day of roaming and opened the windows.  Windows here are a marvel. Someone should import them to the United States.  They have a handle that when turned 120 degrees opens the window only at the top. When turned 90 degrees, it opens the […]

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Falling in Love with Leipzig

I learned music before I learned to speak. We always had music on in our home, and often, it was classical music.  My first career choice was musician, although my utter terror of performance made that career impossible (I thought) along with my mother’s extreme unwillingness to have a piano in the house.  (I eventually learned more than 12 instruments before I was 20, but […]

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The Business Rusch: A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

The Business Rusch: A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen Kristine Kathryn Rusch I knew I’d get ideas for this blog while I was here in Germany.  I just didn’t realize I wouldn’t have time to write them.  Tonight, after I finish this, I must make notes about Nuremberg and maybe try to get some sleep. I learn a lot about myself and my own country when […]

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Neither Here Nor There

It’s raining today in Nuremberg.  That’s my fault, really.  I said in the Business Rusch blog last week that I’d happily walk through wind and horizontal rain while I was here.  I didn’t mean that someone should provide wind and horizontal rain. I did walk through it, though, when even the locals had given up.  Many of the outdoor fruit and merchant stands closed.  Their […]

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In Which I Depend Upon The Kindness of Strangers

Me & Blanche Dubois.  Okay. We’re not quite the same. What a strange and fascinating day.  I’m researching the Nuremberg trials for a long piece I’ve promised to an editor friend of mine.  The story takes place at the Trials. I already wrote a piece of it, but didn’t like what I had done because I had no real sense of the setting (to me) […]

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Yet Another Day of Travel…

First, let me share with you the view from my Nuremberg hotel window: Isn’t that lovely?  I’m on the second floor (American third floor), with a view of the garden.  The multicolored building is an apartment complex.  This afternoon, someone inside there was practicing the cello–and it was utterly lovely. Brahms, I think. Most of my other photos are great for writing research and lousy […]

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The Never-Ending Journey

I knew I was getting punchy when I laughed at the kind German physicist whom I’d just slept with.  The U.S. Army guy, who had slept with us as well, looked on in confusion. It’s not as bad as it sounds.  In fact, I could make it sound worse since, if you’d like another part of the truth, I spent the night with six men, […]

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All Things Considered, I’d Rather Be In Philadephia.

Oh, wait! I am. I have a 4-hour layover because my flight was early.  Have changed currency, eaten the obligatory cheese steak, and will soon board the 8+ hour flight to Frankfurt. From there, I take a 1 hour flight to Leipzig. I don’t have much interesting travel stuff to report, except that so far, the flying has been easier than expected. However, did want […]

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