Business Musings: Money 3 Deal Memos (Contract/Negotiation…and…Rethinking The Writing Business Part 12)

Yes, licensing can bite you. And it can bite you when you only look at the money, and not at the rest of the deal.

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The Latest Diving Novel Just Appeared!

And the best thing about The Renegat, at least for new readers, is that it stands alone. You can enter the series with this book. It’s an sf adventure. Parts of the novel have already been nominated for awards. (If you want to read one of those, click on yesterday’s Free Fiction Monday story, “Joyride.”) You can get The Renegat in ebook, trade paper, hardcover, […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Joyride

This week’s Free Fiction Monday is something special. It is a way to sample the new Diving Universe novel, The Renegat, whose publication day is tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 17. The novella “Joyride,” which was first published in the November/December 2018 issue of Asimov’s, follows brilliant recruit Nadim Crowe as he leads a team of fellow students from the Fleet on a dare: they race see who can […]

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The Run…Walk…Charity Event

I promised you photographs from the St Jude Walk/Run here in Las Vegas. The photo above is of me goofing off afterwards. As I feared, it was really too hot to run safely—for me at least. I ran the first mile or so, then walked. It was about 84 at that point, and hotter in the sun, since we were on concrete (which can add […]

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Business Musings: Money 2 Licensing Out (Rethinking The Writing Business Part 11)

So, those of you who regularly read this blog are thinking, now are we going to talk about how much we can earn? Yeah, kinda sorta. I want those of you who haven’t yet read this series to read two posts: the decision tree and the first post on money. (Actually, I’d love to have you read the entire series, but that’ll take some time. […]

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Wow! Wow! Wow!

The Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter ended less than an hour ago. We had 387 backers who pledged $31,074 to help us fund another 2 years of Pulphouse. The support is wonderful and overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re so pleased with this. I know many of you don’t participate in Kickstarters and are going to buy issues as they appear or subscribe on […]

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A Charitable Reminder

I will be doing a live reading and Q&A for the Read for Pixels YouTube Session at 6.00pm PST on September 13th, 2019 (Friday). The Pixel Project is a worldwide coalition of grassroots activists and volunteers who strongly believe that men and women must take a stand together for the right of women and girls to live a life free of gender-based violence. Our team, […]

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Fifth Stretch Goal Unlocked

Wow! With 44 hours left to go on the Pulphouse Magazine Subscription Kickstarter, we’ve hit five of six stretch goals. The fifth got unlocked less than an hour ago. That means backers at the $5 and above will get stretch items worth $450. Thank you, backers!!! Thank you so much!!! What this means for the backers is this: Even if they just wanted a single […]

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Free Fiction Monday: The Flower Man

Talia and Max seldom work together at a crime scene, but on this one they must, not just because of the lives lost or the way they died, but because of the memories the crime brings up. Now, Talia must employ her best forensics skills to solve the murder—and salvage her own memories in the process. “The Flower Man” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine […]

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Fourth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

We only have four days left on the Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter, and we’ve had such great support that we’ve unlocked four stretch goals already. Yep, we hit our main goal and then four more. We do subscription drives on Kickstarter for a variety of reasons. Dean explained them here. Because we’re doing the drive on Kickstarter, we can give our supporters a wide variety […]

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