Free Fiction Monday: Stealth

Stealth tech: a lost science everyone wants to reclaim. The woman who helped Boss dive the Dignity Vessel, known then as Squishy, claims a long and storied history with stealth tech. Her research into the lost science caused deaths before, and she failed to prevent them during that fateful dive. Now, she vows to find a way to destroy the technology once and for all. […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Spirit Guides

Kincaid always shows up at a crime scene before the crime happens. Except at the Burger Joint. He got stuck in Los Angeles traffic and arrived just after the shooting ended. Now he must deal with carnage, carnage he couldn’t prevent—carnage he has never been able to prevent. The carnage takes him to the end of his singular talent, and as he tries to flee, […]

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Business Musings: The Problem With Skimping (Niche Marketing Part 8)

For an audio version of this post, please click here. I had nearly a dozen conversations in July with writers who told me why they did not use Shopify for their online store. Instead, these writers used dated products that were the Big Thing in 2015 or freebies from the web (which is scary, when dealing with money) or some Shopify knockoff that has one-tenth […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Scars

Rena lost everything when her husband and son died in a fiery car accident. Now she has only her daily swim at the rec center, where she hopes no one pays attention to her horrible burn scars. But someone noticed—the same someone who murders a lifeguard while Rena does her laps. Only Rena can identify the killer, but the identification might prove more difficult than […]

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A Belated Thank You and a Grand Opening Sale

I’ve been offline this past week after some minor surgery. I’m fine, but the offline part got in the way of me saying thank you to all the backers for the great support of the Pulphouse Kickstarter. We hit our goal, then hit five stretch goals and two special goals, thanks to all the wonderful backers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If the rest […]

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Business Musings: Another Example (Niche Marketing Part 7)

To download a free audio version of this post, click here. I had this post all planned. I was going to use a novella I was writing in my Santa Series, under my Grayson name. I started the novella at the end of June, and planned to finish it within a week, so that we could add it to the Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter as an […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Watching the Music Dance

Suze loves her music. She hides in it when her parents fight. But when the fights end in divorce, the divorce brings an end to the music—obtained illegally by Suze’s mother. Now Nils, Suze’s father, must quickly find a way to save his daughter’s music—and her sanity—without breaking the law. “Watching the Music Dance,” by international bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one […]

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A Short Term Goal

As some of you know, we’re running a subscription drive Kickstarter for Pulphouse magazine. We’ve got all kinds of rewards, starting at $25 for a six-issue subscription. In fact, the six-issue subscription comes with every reward. As I mentioned in some of my posts, we also have merchandise in the Kickstarter. The merch is priced low, but has the six-issue sub added in, so you’ll […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Waltzing on a Dancer’s Grave

When Greta arrives at Grayson Place with her ballet company, her memories haunt her. Karl Grayson died there twenty years earlier, but she returns to the mansion for the company’s fiftieth-anniversary gala anyway, just as he wished. Karl’s death freed her once. Or did it? “Waltzing on a Dancer’s Grave,” by international bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one week only. The story’s […]

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Fun, Fun, Fun, A Little Advice, and More Fun

I’m going to start with the thing that’s not as much fun as everything else. That’d be the little bit of advice. I have a new book out, which is called How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions. The topic is dark, but the book is uplifting, especially if you have some of the issues I’m dealing with here. If you know or if you are […]

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