Discoverability Series

Advertising, Print Editions, and Traditional Publishing (Discoverability Part One)

The Helpful Reader (Discoverability Part Two) 

The Fierce Urgency of Now (Discoverability Part 3)

The Old Ways (Discoverability Part 4)

The Old Ways Part 2 (Discoverability Part 4 Continued)

A Paradigm Shift (Discoverability Kinda)

In The Beginning (Discoverability Part 5)

Branding (Discoverability Part 6)

Pricing (Discoverability Part 7)

Pricing Part 2 (Discoverability Part 7 Continued)

Marketing and Readers (Discoverability Part Who Knows)

More Passive Marketing (Discoverability Part 8)

Blogs, Guest Blogs, and Blog Interviews (Discoverability Part 9)

Social Media (Discoverability Part 10)

Social Media Part Two (or Discoverability Part 10 continued)

With A Little Help From My Friends (Discoverability Part 11)

Samples (Discoverability Part 12)

When The Old Ways Work (Discoverability Part 13)

Publicity Campaigns (Discoverability Part 14)

Surprise! (Discoverability Part What The…?)

How To Measure Success (Discoverability Part The Last)

What Is Discoverability? (Discoverability Part  Ooops I Left This Out)

What Kind of Writer Are You? (Discoverability Part Yeah, I Left This Out Too)


5 thoughts on “Discoverability Series

  1. Kristine, I can’t thank you enough for the Discoverability series and your book “Creating the Author Brand.” As a new author, I’ve been skeptical of the many get rich quick writing gurus on the net and especially on Facebook. You have inspired me to put out the best damn books possible and work toward a lifelong career in writing.

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