Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Recommended Reading List: March 2023

I read a lot in March, and planned to write it all up quickly. But I had February to write up, and then some other projects hit, including a really annoying Spanish paper, and I ended up not doing much more than making lists. I loved almost everything I read, and what I didn’t love, I liked. That makes for an unusual month, but a […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Knowing Jack

Roz knows that men distrust women in any profession. But when the men from Wells Fargo need a photograph of the man who tried to rob their stage coach, Roz becomes their only choice. She agrees to photograph the prisoner, but only on her terms—and her terms prove unique, indeed. “Knowing Jack” by bestselling author Kristine Grayson is free on this website for one week […]

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Recommended Reading List Update

Yes, yes, yes, I know. I haven’t posted March’s. I read a lot during March, and then put off doing the list for other work (including finishing a Fey novel…which I’m still finishing). The list for March will go up this week, and I hope to have April’s after that. Sorry for the delay!

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Business Musings: Living In The Past

To Get a Free AI Audio Version of this blog, click here. Three things happened in quick succession recently, that forced me to write this blog now, not, say, months from now. First, a writer friend astonished me by saying they have finally gone indie, after being urged to do so for more than a decade. They’ve been unable to sell a book traditionally for […]

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Free Fiction Monday: The Young Shall See Visions and the Old Dream Dreams

Nell’s determination drives her throughout her life. It allowed her to play baseball when only “tomboys” played. It allowed her to walk again when doctors said she never would. And now, even in old age, it will allow her to find answers to questions plaguing her for her entire life. But the answers she seeks solve one mystery and pose another. Chosen as one of […]

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Business Musings: Assessing Pandemic Damage (A Process Blog)

To Get a Free AI Audio Version of this blog, click here. I suspect spring in Las Vegas will always have reminders for me. In those first dark days of the pandemic, when we were wiping off our groceries and viewing our neighbors with great suspicion, when we were wearing cloth masks that were makeshift at best, and running out of toilet paper as well […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Forest for the Trees

Centuries ago, a tsunami hit the Oregon Coast, destroying miles of coastline. When beach erosion reveals the stumps of a dead forest from that disaster, Anne and Louisa cut school to see the trees. But they freak Louisa out. She sees faces trapped inside the wood—and she believes she has the magic to free them. “Forest for the Trees,” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, […]

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Business Musings: How Writers Fail Part 13: Success Kills Them

To get an audio version of this blog, click here. When I was at Clarion years ago, one of my classmates (and now lifelong friend) had a verbal altercation with a waitress. Something was not cooked to his liking, and he had to send the food back. The second attempt didn’t work well either, and he decided to order something else. He took his time. […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Say Hello to My Little Friend

A handsome man walks into a bar…and can’t pick up women. Sounds like a joke. Or a bar bet. Or maybe, just maybe, a bit of magic follows him everywhere. A short, somewhat malicious bit of magic, with a fondness for Piña Coladas. “Say Hello to My Little Friend,” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one week only. The […]

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Business Musings: AI, Copyright, And Writers

To Get a Free AI Audio Version of this blog, click here. Here we are—the mess of the mess of the mess. Right now, we’re in one of those technological befuddling moments, where the technology is ahead of the law. What that means, exactly, is this: We’re not sure what the technology can do, so we don’t know if what it’s doing is legal, in […]

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