Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Fun, Fun, Fun, A Little Advice, and More Fun

I’m going to start with the thing that’s not as much fun as everything else. That’d be the little bit of advice. I have a new book out, which is called How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions. The topic is dark, but the book is uplifting, especially if you have some of the issues I’m dealing with here. If you know or if you are […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Fast Cars

The four musketeers plus one they call themselves: Johnny, Craig, Dale, Rennie and Carren. They want to make something of themselves, do great things after high school. So, they devise an experiment to guarantee their lives will amount to something. And that experiment changes their futures—but not in the ways any of them expects. A Nebula Award-nominated story about dreaming of a future and looking […]

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Recommended Reading List: May, 2023

I’m still behind on posting these, but I’m catching up, despite emergency vet visits and five dentist visits for me so far. (That’s so fun. Not.) I’m getting there, though. May was a hectic month as well, with the end of school, the end of a cold, another workshop, and lots of visitors. I still managed to read for enjoyment quite a bit. Have to […]

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Business Musings: A Few General Marketing Strategies (Niche Marketing Part 4)

For A Free Audio Version of This Blog, Click Here. At the risk of overwhelming you all, I’m going to discuss strategies for niche marketing before I get specific. Please note that this is the fourth post in a series on niche marketing. Please look at the previous three posts so that you know where I’m coming from, particularly last week’s post. And remember, that […]

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Free Fiction Monday: An Incursion of Mice

Beautiful longhaired tom Wall T runs a tight household. But when the other cats in his pride begin reporting a mouse incursion, he launches an investigation. What he uncovers might change everything he thought he knew about crime and leadership. This delightful detective tale by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers a fascinating feline perspective on the nature of a crime. “An […]

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Business Musings: A Few Benefits of Niche Marketing (Niche Marketing Part 3)

For an audio version of this blog, click here. I dithered a lot before starting this post. I wanted to show you how to pare that long list of mine that I featured in the previous blog down into something manageable, to show how niche marketing is done in an effective manner. But I couldn’t get myself started. Granted, I had a very sick cat […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Track 61

Kessa possesses only small magic. But her skills allow her to help those who wield bigger magic. Her latest job takes her deep into the bowels of New York City’s subway system, hunting for bits of history long since forgotten. And what she finds deep down in the dark will both threaten her life and change it forever. “Track 61,” by international bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is […]

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Two New Books To Get You Through The Weekend

I ended up being in two Storybundles in the month of June, both with new books exclusive to the bundles. Bundle The First The first, the Epic Elves Storybundle, appeared just this week, and wow, am I excited about it. Curated by one of my favorite writers, Anthea Sharp, the bundle is filled with ten writers, a few new to me whose work I can’t […]

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Business Musings: One Thing Versus Many (Niche Marketing Part Two)

For an audio version of this blog, click here. This summer, we have finally decided to revamp a number of things about our business. Dean and I started WMG Publishing over 13 years ago, and based it on the traditional publishing model. Back then, we didn’t see that traditional publishing would make itself mostly irrelevant. We figured traditional publishing and self-publishing would exist side-by-side. That’s […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Cat Nap

Triwell doesn’t adopt strays. He feels like a stray himself, a man who has lost everything even though he has a house and an antiquarian bookstore in Seavy Village on the Oregon Coast. But the cat adopted him. And she proves a mystery. A mystery who lives with him. A mystery he will solve one summer in a surprising—and deadly—way. “Cat Nap,” by international bestselling author Kristine […]

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