Business Musings: The Story (Rethinking The Writing Business Part Three)

I know some of you worried after the first post about the licensing business that you wouldn’t be able to do any of this until you were famous, or until your project is as big as Game of Thrones. That’s incorrect. You can do it as a relative unknown with a brand-new project, if you go about it correctly.

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Business Musings: Brand Identity (Branding/Discoverability)

Brand Identity is how you want customers to perceive your brand. Right now, remember, we’re dealing with building the brand. So you get to think about how you want that brand to be perceived. You need to imagine your target as you develop your brand identity. What do you want your target audience to think about your brand?

Let’s start wide with the overall steps to building a brand identity, and then I’ll refine for writers.

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The Business Rusch: Generational Divide

When I was taking classes in the craft of fiction, everyone—from established professional writers to English professors—recommended that a writer never ever say that a character looked like a famous actor. No “he resembled a young Orson Welles” or “she dressed like Claudette Colbert.” Not only was it lazy writing—the Gurus said—but, more importantly, there was no way for your reader to know exactly what […]

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The Business Rusch: Experiments

This morning, on my Twitter feed, a kind gentleman tweeted me with the news that he had just bought the first volume of Fiction River on Smashwords. Then he thanked me for “having good sense to make it easy not to steal.” I know what he meant, even though the tweet was oddly phrased: WMG Publishing has published DRM-free editions of Fiction River, in addition […]

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And Even More Free Fiction: Hero Dust

Last February, BBC4 ran a Short History of Vampires and included my story, “Hero Dust.” They’re rerunning the series this month (I wonder why?) and you can listen to “Hero Dust” for free until Sunday. Just follow this link. You can also get your own e-book copy of “Hero Dust” from fine e-booksellers everywhere.

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BBC, Vampires, and Me

I’m kicking off Vampire Days on my blog.  First up, an audio surprise: On Sunday, BBC Radio 7 will air the second part in its Short History of Vampires.  That part is my short story, “Hero Dust.”  If you’re in England, you can listen on BBC Radio 7 live at 18:30 or 00:30.  Or you can listen on the web at those times.  (Those are […]

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