Business Musings: Indispensable

I’m having a fascinating spring. I’m watching two of our employees make themselves indispensable. Dean and I have owned businesses, together and separately, for decades. Not just our writing businesses, but publishing businesses, retail businesses, and a host of other businesses. When we ran Pulphouse Publishing, we had one employee who was indispensable—Debb De Noux, whom everyone knew back then as Debra Gray Cook. When […]

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The Business Rusch: The Old Ways (Discoverability Part 4)

Here’s how writers decide to market their books: They read blogs and articles, which tell them the best thing to do. Or, they mimic what they’ve seen other authors do. Or, they try to act like big traditional publishers, by funding their own book tours and doing signings. I’d say that’s no way to run a business, but honestly, that’s how traditional publishers have run […]

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The Business Rusch: Traditional Publishing and Its Suppliers

The Business Rusch: Traditional Publishing & Its Suppliers Kristine Kathryn Rusch  My posts over the past few weeks have elicited quite a few comments, in person, in e-mail and in the comments section, that go like this: “How can traditional publishers treat writers like that? This is clearly a sign of a decaying business.” Naw. It’s a sign that writers still don’t understand how they […]

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