News About Diving Stories

First, Asimov’s has just published “Becalmed,” which is set in the Diving Universe.  The story involves a character who appears for about a chapter in the upcoming City of Ruins from Pyr.  But I had to figure out what her backstory was, so I wrote this piece.  I suspect there will be even more backstory to come (which will become front story) as I work […]

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The Business Rusch: Fun, Fun, Fun

The Business Rusch: Fun, Fun, Fun Kristine Kathryn Rusch I have just spent the entire day on what I call business.  I revised and mailed a manuscript to a major market.  I read and signed contracts.  I completed banking forms, and then I completed taxation forms.  I visited the bank, was on the phone with the same bank’s 800 number, and I made lists, lists, […]

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