Songbirds, a new magazine, and a column

I’m finishing my third huge project in as many weeks (with the time out for the aborted trip to LA) and have lost track of posting on my website.  As a result I’m a bit behind.  So  here are two things for your enjoyment. First, a new Notes From the Buffer Zone column on the Grantville Gazette website about the changing times for readers and […]

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Final Column for Jim Baen’s Universe: Brave New E-World

The end has finally arrived for JBU, sadly.  My final column is up, and somehow I managed to make it timely. It discusses the iPad (which, for the record, I have not yet held. Dammit).  It also discusses the demise of JBU.  You can find the entire column–free–right here.

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My last IROSF column

My last IROSF column went live last week.  IROSF is going away, sadly. The IROSF folks asked me not to write about how much I’d miss IROSF (I will) because they didn’t want the entire issue to be about the loss of IROSF.  I did talk about it a bit, but I also talked about the way magazines come and go–and one small line in […]

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The Thrill of the Hunt–and a column

My story, “The Thrill of the Hunt,” has just appeared on Baen’s Universe’s website.  This one is dark and fantastic and was fun to write.  You can read an excerpt here–and maybe even download the rest if you like. T Also, my Baen’s Universe column subtitled, “An Amazing Amount of Stuff,” talks about why I don’t participate much in the best of year voting.  I’m […]

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