Free Fiction Monday: Substitutions

Silas has worked for Death in Nevada for 150 years. He gets Christmas and Christmas Eve off. Only this year, his substitute finds him in a Las Vegas casino. His substitute, who is little more than a boy, a boy whose task terrifies him. If the boy finishes the task, he’ll have a permanent job. If he doesn’t, a dozen kids will live in agony. […]

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Killing The Angel of Death

My latest non-Diving novella appeared as part of a Storybundle a few weeks ago. Then you could only get a copy through the bundle (and a number of you decided to get that and nine other books. Thank you!). Now, Killing The Angel of Death is available as a standalone book—ebook and trade paper. The story concerns a group of grief-stricken survivors who have had […]

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Free Fiction Monday: “Northern Correspondent”

Severson made a name for himself once, as a crack reporter. But now, years later, he hides behind his typewriter. Until the day Molly walks through the door looking for a job. Molly, with her ideals and her determination and her courage. Molly might change his life—but not necessarily in the way he hopes.

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Death Stops For Miss Dickinson

I have a new story out, “Death Stops For Miss Dickinson.”  This book is a great deal of fun, with Joe Lansdale and Nancy Collins stories as well.  Lots of marvelous illustrations.  (Rather like–y’know–the old Classics Illustrated volumes.)  It’s a beautiful book.  Besides getting this in bookstores, you should be able to find it in comic book stores, since it’s being published by IDW.

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The Business Rusch: Responsibility

The Business Rusch: Responsibility Kristine Kathryn Rusch Recently, a major agent in the science fiction and fantasy field died unexpectedly.  Many of you know who I’m talking about, and many of you don’t.  I’m not naming him here because his death—sad and surprising as it was—is not the topic of this column.  In fact, I’m not mentioning his name because I don’t want you to […]

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