Business Musings: Price Wars and Victims

The traditional publishers are screaming about Amazon. I’ve learned over the years that when someone screams about something, they’re doing so because they feel some kind of pressure, some kind of pinch.

How could traditional publishers be feeling a pinch from Amazon? After all, in the United States, Amazon is selling more books than any other retailer. Why would that hurt traditional publishers? Is it hurting traditional publishers?

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The Business Rusch: Believe In Yourself

The Business Rusch: Believe In Yourself Kristine Kathryn Rusch On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, National Public Radio ran a piece titled, “My Accidental Masterpiece: The Phantom Tollbooth,” by Norton Juster.  My sister gave me The Phantom Tollbooth when I was a kid. The book is still on my bookshelf, not in the best of condition, […]

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