Strange Divisions & Alien Territories

Keith Brooke has done a tremendous job of editing Strange Divisions & Alien Territories: The Sub-genres of Science Fiction. This is a very readable, extremely entertaining textbook for the college level, aimed at sf classes and writers. I’ve just started reading it, and it’s wonderful. I’m learning stuff, and having a good time along the way. Keith asked working sf writers to contribute essays, which is why this […]

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Recent Free Nonfiction, An Interview, and Great Fiction Sampler

I’m in deadline hell for the next several months, since I took on a project that crammed everything together.  Plus I’m teaching a lot, so I’m unusually busy, even for me. All of that goes a long way to telling you that I’m behind in letting you know the current news and links. My bimonthly column has appeared in The Grantville Gazette. This one is […]

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