Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Cats And Romance And Snow!

  A few months ago, one of my favorite people and one of my favorite editors, Denise Little, contacted me to let me know she’s editing a brand new romance magazine. She wondered if I, or more specifically, Kristine Grayson, could contribute a story. Now, sadly, Grayson’s stories require me to be in a goofy mood, and last fall I was anything but goofy. (I’m […]

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Romance Mini Bundle–with a touch of sf, fantasy, adventure fiction & holiday cheer

I’m lucky enough to participate in another StoryBundle. This one lasts for ten days only, starting today. You can set your own price for four fantastic romance novellas, or pay as little as $6 and get seven novellas. The other writers in the bundle are New York Times bestsellers Mary Jo Putney and Jo Beverly, #1 New York Times bestseller Stephanie Laurens, fan favorites ML Buchman and […]

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Recommended Reading List: June 2011

I taught a short story class for professional writers in June, writers who’ve either been published or had some degree of success in their writing careers.  I worked those folks hard, and in turn, they worked me hard. Many of them mailed their stories to possible markets (Note to editors: buy these stories), but several decided to make the stories available electronically. I gave one […]

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