Writer Me, Editor Me, and Reader Me Should Have Had A Conversation

…about the title for this novella. The End of the World gets used a lot, and while the title is accurate, kinda sorta, for this piece, it’s not the kind of title that makes you—or even me, the author—go, “Oh, yeah! That story.” Whoops. Not changing it now, though. I promised you all I’d tell […]

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Diving News! News for Writers! News For Short Story Lovers!

Yes! News! (And more exclamation points than I probably needed, but still.) For some reason, all of my deadlines piled up in 2017. I spent the first four months in a weird, but efficient frenzy. The only thing that went by the wayside was keeping you all informed of new publications. This, of course, means […]

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Business Musings: Things I Learned From My Readers

The title of this blog is things I learned from my readers. The pieces below link to comments or websites.

The main thing I learned from you folks over the course of writing the contract series is this: Not only do you pay attention, but you use this information. Almost daily now, I get letters from a writer who used some piece of the contracts blog to negotiate a better deal or to get their rights reverted or to handle a foreign rights contract.

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