Romance, Time Travel, Music, and More!

Acclaimed romance writer ML Buchman asked me to participate in brand new Storybundle. I’m thrilled about this one. I have read almost every single novel in it, and can recommend them. If I haven’t read the book, I’ve read work by the author, and in the cases of ML Buchman and Anthea Lawson, bought their short work for Fiction River: Christmas Ghosts. (They both have […]

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Romance Mini Bundle–with a touch of sf, fantasy, adventure fiction & holiday cheer

I’m lucky enough to participate in another StoryBundle. This one lasts for ten days only, starting today. You can set your own price for four fantastic romance novellas, or pay as little as $6 and get seven novellas. The other writers in the bundle are New York Times bestsellers Mary Jo Putney and Jo Beverly, #1 New York Times bestseller Stephanie Laurens, fan favorites ML Buchman and […]

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The Business Rusch: The Global View

 I’ll be honest with you: when I planned a topic for my blog last week that wasn’t US-specific, I was thinking that the hits on my site would drop off. After all, the Thursday Business Blog fell on one of the US’s big federal holidays, Independence Day (aka the Fourth of July). I figured I’d get a quarter of my usual attendance. Instead, I got […]

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