Business Musings: The Research (Part Two) AI Audio

Full disclaimer here: I wrote longer pieces on my Patreon page and combined them together for this post. There’s a lot of learning and dithering there, as well as a fairly mediocre audio sample that you can hear if you want to join up. I wrote those pieces in the moment, so I’m reprinting them here without changing that “in the moment” feel. I have […]

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Business Musings: Time and Money (Again)

And so it begins. I received three different emails this week from writers, wondering what to do about delayed or non-payment. These writers are smart enough to ask. I have no idea how many others aren’t asking at all, but believing all will be Just Fine Eventually. At the end of April, I wrote a blog post titled “The Trainwreck.” It’s mostly about traditional publishing, […]

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Business Musings: Money 3 Deal Memos (Contract/Negotiation…and…Rethinking The Writing Business Part 12)

Yes, licensing can bite you. And it can bite you when you only look at the money, and not at the rest of the deal.

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Business Musings: Blip or New Reality?

A lot of times on this blog, I deal with the problems in publishing. Bad problems, like agents embezzling, traditional publishers not paying royalties, income going down, or sales not up to expectations. In the early days of indie publishing, I would also blog about the problems of success. In our workshops and classes, we call them problems you trade up for. Just because a […]

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The Business Rusch: Writers: Will Work For Cheap

The Business Rusch: Writers: Will Work For Cheap Kristine Kathryn Rusch Here’s something that has nagged at me since the start of the indie publishing revolution: writers—published writers—dismissing money as a factor in publishing their work. The argument goes like this: Traditionally Published Writer A says she’ll never self-publish. When told that her $5000 advance is the only money she’ll make on that book, she […]

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The Business Rusch: Plan For The Future (Surviving The Transition Part 4)

The Business Rusch: Plan For The Future (Surviving The Transition Part Four) Kristine Kathryn Rusch For the past month, I have geared my blog toward established writers.  Starting with the post, “Writing Like It’s 1999,” I have discussed the rapid change that the publishing industry is going through, change that most working professional writers haven’t really noticed yet. Working professional writers, those who make a […]

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The Business Rusch: Responsibility

The Business Rusch: Responsibility Kristine Kathryn Rusch Recently, a major agent in the science fiction and fantasy field died unexpectedly.  Many of you know who I’m talking about, and many of you don’t.  I’m not naming him here because his death—sad and surprising as it was—is not the topic of this column.  In fact, I’m not mentioning his name because I don’t want you to […]

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