Business Musings: Copyright Fun Part 3

Let’s talk money for a minute, because really, copyright and copyright licensing translates into money, if you do it correctly. Copyright is one of those lovely assets that will continue earning for writers if the writers manage the copyright correctly. A short story can become a novel (more money, different licenses), sell in foreign editions (more money, different licenses), become an audio book (more money, […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Role Models

Artwork donated by Pati Nagle. The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Role Models Kristine Kathryn Rusch The past few weeks, we’ve had a pretty lively discussion of behavior and the professional freelancer.  If you haven’t done so, go back and read the comments sections in the two posts on jealousy and in last week’s post on courtesy. In addition to those comments, I’ve received great e-mails from […]

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