Another Mid-Week Business Update

A couple of weeks ago, I got excoriated by writers who didn’t agree with me about the whole PayPal thing being a business issue and not a censorship issue. In that post, I told writers to learn business and to fight something they disagree with on a business level. In last week’s surprise mid-week business update, I pointed out that Mark Coker of Smashwords–an excellent businessman–was doing […]

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A Couple Mid-Week Updates: A Business Post

As I prepare for this week’s blog, I feel the need to address a couple of things that I will not write about on Thursday. First, I got a lot of hate mail and vile comments last week for my blog post, all because I told people to learn business, understand the issues they’re complaining about, and then, if those issues matter to them, to […]

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The Business Rusch: You Asked For My Opinion…

The Business Rusch: You Asked For My Opinion… Kristine Kathryn Rusch That soft repetitive thudding sound you hear as you log onto your favorite websites? That’s the sound of writers scurrying in a rush to weigh in with anger and fury over this week’s latest crisis. Actually, that’s not fair. The crisises have come so hard and fast this year that the anger and fury […]

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