Fun, Fun, Fun, A Little Advice, and More Fun

I’m going to start with the thing that’s not as much fun as everything else. That’d be the little bit of advice. I have a new book out, which is called How Writers Fail: Analysis and Solutions. The topic is dark, but the book is uplifting, especially if you have some of the issues I’m dealing with here. If you know or if you are […]

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Business Musings: A Few General Marketing Strategies (Niche Marketing Part 4)

For A Free Audio Version of This Blog, Click Here. At the risk of overwhelming you all, I’m going to discuss strategies for niche marketing before I get specific. Please note that this is the fourth post in a series on niche marketing. Please look at the previous three posts so that you know where I’m coming from, particularly last week’s post. And remember, that […]

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Business Musings: A Few Benefits of Niche Marketing (Niche Marketing Part 3)

For an audio version of this blog, click here. I dithered a lot before starting this post. I wanted to show you how to pare that long list of mine that I featured in the previous blog down into something manageable, to show how niche marketing is done in an effective manner. But I couldn’t get myself started. Granted, I had a very sick cat […]

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Two New Books To Get You Through The Weekend

I ended up being in two Storybundles in the month of June, both with new books exclusive to the bundles. Bundle The First The first, the Epic Elves Storybundle, appeared just this week, and wow, am I excited about it. Curated by one of my favorite writers, Anthea Sharp, the bundle is filled with ten writers, a few new to me whose work I can’t […]

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Business Musings: One Thing Versus Many (Niche Marketing Part Two)

For an audio version of this blog, click here. This summer, we have finally decided to revamp a number of things about our business. Dean and I started WMG Publishing over 13 years ago, and based it on the traditional publishing model. Back then, we didn’t see that traditional publishing would make itself mostly irrelevant. We figured traditional publishing and self-publishing would exist side-by-side. That’s […]

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Business Musings: Niche Marketing Part One

For an audio version of this blog, click here. Niche marketing has existed since the beginning of marketing. Back in the day, though, companies didn’t call it “niche” marketing. These places marketed to their category or their type. The idea that something could be marketed to everyone was a mid-20th century idea, bolstered by television. When programs went out to 120 million viewers or more […]

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The Write Stuff

I know, I know. The title is a terrible pun. But it’s also appropriate. I curated the 2023 Write Stuff Storybundle. It’s full of career-enhancing advice…and there’s a free workshop too. (Okay, free if you pay $20 for the bundle. But that’s a savings of $130, plus you’ll get twelve ebooks.) I’m going to put my introduction to the bundle here now, so that I […]

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Business Musings: If Not Big Names, Then What?

For an audio version of this blog, click here. I opened a can of worms in my own head when I wrote last week’s blog which I titled “Stars.” The post deals with the fact that there are no big names in entertainment any longer, except for legacy names, like Harrison Ford in movies and Stephen King in fiction. A source I quoted from The […]

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Business Musings: Stars

To Get a Free AI Audio Version of this blog, click here. Me and the Google (as a friend of mine calls it) spent what I almost termed a “dispiriting” hour as I searched for the 21st century’s superstars in a variety of fields. I say “almost termed” because, when I think of it, “dispiriting” is the wrong word. Adult me, who loves this modern […]

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Business Musings: Facing The Future

To Get a Free AI Audio Version of this blog, click here. The initial title of this post was “Fighting The Future.” It came from a quote that I spent about a half an hour searching for. I had hastily scrawled the quote on a piece of paper while doing a dozen other things the past two weeks, but I didn’t cite the source. All […]

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