A New Story

Daw Books has just published a new story of mine. It’s an oddball fantasy piece called “Renn and the Little Men.” If you like my Kristine Grayson books, you’ll probably like this one. It was a lot of fun to write. The story is in Westward Weird, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes. I think this is one of the last if not […]

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The Destroyer

Daw books just published  my short story, “The Destroyer,” in Human For  A Day, one of the last anthologies co-edited by Martin H. Greenberg. As usual, I had a marvelous time working with Marty, Jennifer, and Tekno. I’ll miss those interactions. That business has changed a great deal these days. But we’ll have the anthologies. And this one looks good, just from the table of contents. […]

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Martin H. Greenberg

Tough weekend. On Friday, John Helfers of Tekno Books called to give Dean and I a heads-up that Marty Greenberg was in his last few days.  We had known that Marty was fighting a lot of health problems, so this wasn’t a surprise. Yet it was a surprise.  Marty was one of those giants, men that seemed amazingly strong no matter what.  He was a […]

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Murder, She Workshopped

I have an impy streak.  And when Kerrie Hughes asked me to write a story about guns and monsters, I somehow came up with this.  Combining a writing workshop with a famous writer and a writing student and some monstrous behavior…well, you’ll see.  You can get the book at your favorite bookstore, or you can order it here.

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Two New Stories in the Same Anthology

Yeah, I got a little wacky.  Here’s the story behind the stories.  Dean and I put on a workshop with Denise Little of Tekno Books.  Denise gives the writers who attend a short story assignment for an active anthology.  The Trouble With Heroes was the assignment anthology.  Denise didn’t pick all of the stories submitted from the workshop for the antho, but honestly, about 95% […]

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