Recommended Reading List: November, 2012

I initially started this list because I was no longer editing, and I wanted to recommend what I’m reading to you. I’m editing again in a limited capacity for Fiction River, and I’m reading some marvelous stories. You’ll have to see those, especially the ones in the volumes that list me as editor (not just overall editor) as stories I recommend as well. I’m not […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Incorporation

Artwork donated by Pati Nagle. The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Incorporation Kristine Kathryn Rusch I spent most of this evening putting another Freelancer’s Survival Guide Short Book together. The first short book, When To Quit Your Day Job, is available now in an electronic edition.  It’ll be on all the sites eventually, but right now, you can get it on Smashwords (in any e-format). What I’m […]

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