The Business Rusch: Sea Changes

  The Business Rusch: Sea Changes Kristine Kathryn Rusch A lot of readers have commented on my blog posts of the past two weeks. For those of you who missed this while on spring break or family holiday, I wrote about some discrepancies I found in royalty statements.  I checked with other writers and publishing professionals and discovered that these discrepancies weren’t unusual.  I wrote […]

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The Business Rusch: Smackdown!!!!!

  The Business Rusch: Smackdown!!!!! Kristine Kathryn Rusch   What passes for American journalism these days loves a good smackdown, and a week ago Monday, the Journalists Who Cover Publishing got one.  On that day, some nervous publishing executives, afraid they wouldn’t get a hot deal, leaked to the press that Amanda Hocking, “darling of the indie world,” as one blog called her, was in […]

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