The Business Rusch: The Holiday Surprise

The Business Rusch: The Holiday Surprise Kristine Kathryn Rusch  I’m starting this column on Boxing Day because I’m absolutely and utterly buried. December had a lot of real life bumps, including illness, spousal illness, more estate stuff, and some other business things that got in the way of writing. And you should realize: Usually nothing gets in the way of my writing, so these things […]

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The Business Rusch: Free

The Business Rusch: Free Kristine Kathryn Rusch I just came across a terrible article on Galley Cat from the Media Bistro site. Galley Cat bills itself “The First Word on the Book Publishing Industry,” and Media Bistro, when it started years ago, was supposedly going to shed journalistic light on the publishing industry. Let us all pause while I chuckle darkly. I really should stop […]

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Standing Up For Grace

Here’s a side story for those of you who read Wickedly Charming. Standing Up For Grace shows what really happened when Imperia and Grace went to their new school.  If you haven’t yet read Wickedly Charming, you can still read Standing Up For Grace since the story does stand alone. Here’s the cover, the book’s description, and ordering information. Imperia Encanto, the oldest daughter of Prince Charming […]

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Mid-Month Novel Excerpt: Wickedly Charming

Once per month, I’ll publish an excerpt of one of my novels, and I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to buy the rest of the book.  I began this practice in February. Unlike the free fiction I put up every Monday, the novel excerpts will remain on the site.  If you want to read the opening to the previous three novels, click here. This month, I’ve […]

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Wickedly Charming Excerpt

I just discovered that Sourcebooks is offering a free excerpt of my upcoming Kristine Grayson novel, Wickedly Charming.  You can find the first three chapters on CasaVIP Exclusive Content portion of the website.  Enjoy!

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Covers! New Books!

I have two marvelous covers to share with you.  First, the cover for my upcoming Kristine Grayson title, Wickedly Charming, which Sourcebooks will publish next spring.  I’m starting up an official Kristine Grayson website this month, so there will be more information on the book on that site by the fifteenth or so.  Suffice to say, Wickedly Charming is about another Prince Charming (not Sleeping […]

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