Quick Reminder

July 31 is the last day of the half-off workshops sale. Go to Teachable.com, pick your workshop, and enter the code JulyRegularSale at checkout. Also, if you’re looking for a mentoring opportunity, take a look at Dean’s blog. He’s thinking of mentoring again. (And before you ask, I’m too buried to offer the same opportunity. Not to mention I’m not as…nurturing…as he is. ?) I […]

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Half-Off Writing Workshops Sale!

It’s a midwinter sale, which feels disingenuous to tell you, because with the 70-degree days we’ve been having, my brain is nowhere near winter. (Sorry, those of you suffering through yet another winter storm.) But, here goes… We are holding a half-off all online writing workshops sale. Go to Teachable.com, find your workshop and put the code MidWinter in at checkout to get your discount. […]

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Business Musings: Fear And Publishing

A fascinating thing happened in the two quiet weeks of the holiday season. Dean and I worked on a publishing challenge, and we learned something by doing so. We always learn when we teach. Always. And Dean loves challenges. Me, not so much. I set my own writing challenges because if someone else tells me what to do with my writing, I find a way […]

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