Business Musings: Changing Tastes

I cringe at times, because I came of age when the arguments were loud, particularly in sf, about what was and wasn’t appropriate for the genre. Whether I agreed or not, those arguments went in.

It took me forever to write space opera, and it took some creative traditional editors to buy it. Nowadays, we can publish what we want, indie if traditional publishing doesn’t want what we’ve done, and public opinion shouldn’t make a difference.

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Business Musings: Wish I Could Say Gone Fishin’

I had a blog all finished for this week, and it was to auto-post late Wednesday night. It’s all about the World Science Fiction Convention and how to use conferences, but honestly, I don’t want to confuse matters. For those of you who didn’t see the Wednesday morning post, I got into a run-in with the rental car, and have gotten injured badly enough that […]

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Bill Trojan

I did not expect to make this post today, although I did expect it eventually.  Bill Trojan has been a friend, colleague–and hell, those words are too small.  Bill is family.  Bill’s been family since before Dean and I started Pulphouse Publishing. Bill was one of the four of us who ran the company, the other being Debb (Cook) De Noux. Bill died on Sunday […]

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