The Fey Series

These books in the Fey series are available as e-books. You can find them in every bookstore site. has reissued the Fey series in audio book editions.  You can find the audio books here:

The Fey: Sacrifice (Book One)
The Fey: Changeling (Book Two)
The Fey: Rival (Book Three)
The Fey: Resistance (Book Four)
The Fey: Victory (Book Five)
The Black Queen (Book Six)
The Black King (Book Seven)

And to whet your appetite, WMG has published the only Fey short story (so far)“Destiny” is a prequel to the entire series, featuring Solanda the Shapeshifter.  You can read the story in Fiction River Presents: Darker Realmswhich is available in ebook and trade paper editions.

126 thoughts on “The Fey Series

  1. Hello from BE,

    I bought the first book of “the fey” translated to french, it was 10y before. I started to read it stopped because i told myself that i’ll first buy all the books before reading it. 10y passed and if started to search for them, mainly second-hand version as it’s not anymore edited. The french version of the books were divided in 2, I have 8 books : L’invasion / Le sacrifice / Le Changelin / Les représailles / Le Rival / L’Exil / Le Mystère / La Résistance, i read them rapidly, in +/- 1 month, then i understood that the last one, Victory, was never translated to french 🙁
    I could read it in english, but as i’m perfectionnist, each time i’ll read a word i can’t translate, i’ll want to translate it, and it often happen when you read a book in another language, except if you are fully bilingual, you can’t understand all sentences, and that’s the main reason i prefer to read any book in my original tongue. I suppose anybody can help about but as i arrived on this page and saw a lot of comments, i had to idea to inform about.
    And of course, thanks Kristine for what you wrote, as you maybe guess, i liked the books, the unverse you created, well done ! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m deeply disappointed that my French publisher discontinued the books without publishing #5. My editor left, and there was no one to advocate for the books. I’d have to either purchase the translations and publish them again or just do the final one. It’s a dilemma either way. I appreciate your comments, and am sorry that I haven’t yet figured out how to solve this conundrum.

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