New Amsterdam


I’d heard that Fox didn’t want to approve New Amsterdam , about an immortal New York homicide detective, although I didn’t hear why. I was afraid that they didn’t greenlight it because the show was bad or stupid or poorly acted. Those are often the reasons. Then the writer’s strike came along, and Fox greenlighted (greenlit?) the show.

I’ve been watching since the first episode. Aside from the really stupid device that they used to make John Amsterdam immortal (really, they could’ve thought of something else. This one is a 1970s trope, vaguely racist, extremely illogical, and…oh, never mind…just ignore that part), the show is marvelous. It’s a surprise at all times.

Instead of an immortal filled with ennui, like so many immortal shows, Amsterdam is very much alive. And even though he can’t die, he is fully human, which is also unusual in immortal shows. (I also liked the reference to Highlander: “What happens if someone cuts off your head?” someone asks him. “I don’t know,” Amsterdam says with surprise. “No one’s tried that yet.”)

This one is recommended.